Many of our members name joining the Asian American Brotherhood as one of the most rewarding decisions they have ever made at Harvard. Some reasons to recruit for AAB include:

  • Lifelong Bonds: Our history of maintaining a close-knit community ensures that members truly get to know each other on a profound level throughout their years together within the organization.
  • Leadership Development: We pride ourselves on our horizontal structure, entrusting all members--directors and non-officers alike--with significant responsibilities in planning events, engaging in community outreach, and managing operations.
  • Community Service: Our organization is committed to fostering a culture of community engagement, and thus members regularly embark on service projects together, organized both officially within the organization and organically without.
  • Political Awareness: To stimulate discourse on topics relevant to our communities, we host discussions relating to the Asian American experience and the social experience of the minority male.
  • Social Opportunities: AAB regularly interacts with other cultural and social groups at Harvard and in the Boston area for collaborations on parties, social mixers, and group outings.
  • Alumni Network: Their unity strengthened by the closeness of the organization, our rapidly expanding alumni network consistently provides resources and guidance to current members.

The Asian American Brotherhood actively recruits for new members at the start of the spring semester. All events and announcements will be posted on news and via email. Given the close-knit structure of our organization, we believe that our recruiting process is the most effective way for us to familiarize ourselves with a more manageable group of prospective members. That said, we recognize that there are always many more Harvard students interested in and fit for membership. All prospective members who would like to learn more about AAB should reach out to any member listed on our website, or send an email to [email protected]. All AAB members would be happy to talk with anyone about the organization, our recruiting process, and their experiences within the Brotherhood.